Spring 2016 Newsletter


First day in our new home!

On April 20, 2016, Welcome Home Children's Centre welcomed our children into their new home in Marotte, Haiti. The move did not go as smoothly as planned as we faced obstacles at every turn.

The Container
Image2The container which which was packed with new beds and beddings as well as other supplies for the new home arrived in Haiti on April 11th as scheduled, however, it was held at customs until May 13, over a month later. A lot of hard work went into putting the container together and we thank everyone that helped to make it happen. From those who donated food items, clothing, beds, beddings, toys, playground set, home furnishings, solar panels and a car as well as those who helped pack and load the container. Special thanks to the donor of the container itself who shuttled it around free of charge until it was shipped and to another supporter who arranged to have the container donated to WHCC and organized the shipment.

The Building
Things can sometimes move a little slower than expected in Haiti. Although we confirmed the construction schedule and progress report with our consultants before booking our flights, the project was considerably behind when we arrived. This was disappointing to say the least and added another setback to our trip. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, Camille ended up staying in Haiti an additional month to see things through and get the children settled in their new home as well as to acquaint herself with their school principal and teachers.

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The Phone Call
The third unfortunate issue that befell the trip was a disturbing phone call from Canada to inform us that the husband of one of the team members had suffered a heart failure and was found unconscious by paramedics. We all, including some of our children and their caregivers, started praying for the family. We are very happy and thankful to God that not only was he revived; he was released after a few days of treatment and given a good prognosis.

Political Unrest and Infrastructure
Other issues that plagued this trip include virtually daily demonstrations and road closures, a felled bridge across the major highway between our site and Port­-Au-­Prince which caused unbearable road conditions and traffic gridlocks like we had never experienced before.

The Good News
It's not all gloom and doom, however. We finally got our children moved out of the rental property and into their new home, which has been one of the main goals of our organization. Also, we have since heard many stories of containers being delayed in Haiti for many months and even years. So while it did take us a month to clear our container, we are grateful because it could have been a much longer delay. As the scripture says, "In all things give thanks" and so we thank the Lord for all that we went through because even in adversities, there are lessons to be learned and His love remains.

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The Journey Continues
Phase 1 of our long term 3 phase plan is virtually in the book. We celebrated this milestone during our open­house barbeque on July 23, 2016.

Thank You
Thanks again to all you wonderful people who through your generosity and kind hearts continue to touch the lives of these children across the sea. They may never get to meet you but they know that God loves them so much that He has caused you to open your hearts to help them out. So let me deliver their message to you: "THANK YOU CANADA and USA" Please continue to pray for WHCC and our children. We really appreciate all of your help and we are thankful that you are a part of our team!  God bless you all!