July 2017 Newsletter

We are overjoyed to announce that as of February this year Welcome Home Children Centre has had a dedicated Solar Energy System in Haiti.  We made a trip in March to Haiti and witnessed the transformation this has brought to WHCC.  This has been a game changer in the life of our children and the operation of the home.  The children now have the opportunity to be able to study at night with proper lighting and the ability to socialize and play more safely when the sun goes away and night falls.  They are also able to watch some videos on the television set we had shipped last year.  We have also been able, for the first time, to plug in the fridge that was also shipped in the container.  The fridge was an instant hit with the kids all of whom have really never seen a refrigerator in action before.  They were bringing bowls of water to be placed in the freezer area to make ice – exciting!

Additionally, having a fridge at the home now gives the staff the liberty to buy perishable foods in bulk, thereby saving money due to volume discounts and less frequent trips to the market.  We plan to buy a freezer in the future to be able to purchase and store more bulk frozen meats and vegetable from Port au Prince, at deeper discounts.  It’s a large family we have out there and they are thriving.

Our last trip to Haiti consisted of a group of 6 people: Marie Charter, Andrea Renwick and Calvin Renwick who stayed for a week and Francine Lannister, Camille Otum and Sam Otum who stayed for two weeks. The purpose of the trip apart from spending time with our children, was 4 folds, namely, unload the container that was sent last year and sort its content, to set up a playground, install a closed circuit camera system and to update our “temporary” kitchen - complete with plumbing and electrical installations.  When we got there, however, it became quickly evident that the scope of work planned had increased. For one thing, there was no power to the pump to move water from the well up to the water tank tower.  The contractor had missed the conduit and power line from the panel to the pump (150 ft.) altogether. So we had to dig a 150 ft. long trench, install conduit, pull cable for the power connection to the well pump.

We were able to receive two more children, Islander and Fredson, into our home.  These siblings came to us very malnourished and anxious to join the rest of the kids as soon as they all met.  Fredson was 18 months old but could not stand on his own let alone walk and his sister was 8 years of age but had never been to school nor did she know her alphabets and numbers and therefore could not read, write or count. 

We are happy to announce that the little toddler can now walk and his sister is being home thought while a formal school for her is being sought.



What We Were Able To Achieve  In Two Weeks:
•    Andrea and Calvin purchased a washing machine in Port au Prince and donated it to WHCC. There was no time to do the plumbing for and hook up the washing machine. This job will happen next trip.
•    Marie purchased storage totes which were used to store sorted items in storage room.
•    Unloaded the sea container and sort most of the inventory.

•    Installed the 4 camera surveillance system.
•    Brought water to the kitchen.
•    Installed a commercial double sink unit we had shipped last year.
•    Brought power to the kitchen and the adjoining storage room and installed light fixtures and receptacles.
•    Built some shelves in the storage room.
•    Installed blinds in the gathering area on the 2nd floor.
•    Started work on the playground but was unable to complete the job as planned because we simply ran out of time. We were able to, however, clear an area approximately 60ft. x 30ft of rocks and rubbles and placed 6 dump truck loads of beach sand.

For fun, apart from craft and games, we were able to take the kids to Obama beach one day and had a great time of swimming and beach balling.  We also celebrated Andrea’s birthday with the kids and played a lot of games.

So we continue to grow as an organization with the continual help and support of great people like you all.  Thanks to all of you and may the Lord continue to bless you according to His riches in Glory. 

Please continue to pray for Haiti and her people.  We will continue to do as much as we can with your prayers, donations and goodwill to play our part to raise children with a bright future and great promise.