School's Out for Haiti's Children

haiti school childrenJuly 6, 2013
School is out – YEAH!
Our children finally completed the school year in their new schools. We had moved the kids from the school they had previously been enrolled in to another school. As most of you already know, schooling is not free at any level in Haiti. This is not a result of shortage of schools. There are, in fact, schools everywhere because it is a business and like all businesses and enterprises, some are good, some are better and some are just plain bad - and for various reasons.

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Active in the Community

The Welcome Home Children’s Centre team participate in the community of Cabaret in a number of ways. They have, from the beginning, consulted local authorities to ensure their objectives are in line with what is really needed and wanted in the area. During their inaugural visit, village elders, the mayor and citizens were invited to share in the excitement of the promise that is Welcome Home Children’s Centre.

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Building the Security Wall

wall building 2
Building the security wall for the new Children's Centre on the one acre property outside Cabaret. Plans are for a school, dormitory, chapel, clinic and playground.

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