Our reason for being is the children of Haiti. We are motivated by the need to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable of its citizens.
Let us tell you about their remarkable stories.


widnarly 1Widnarly came to Welcome Home Children’s Centre when she was three years old. Severely malnourished, Widnarly was so weak she spent much of her day lying down. She couldn’t seem to stay awake for any length of time.

We were quite concerned that her condition would prevent us from keeping her properly hydrated. We also noticed that due to the amount of time she spent in bed, she had developed skin sores that had been left untreated. Widnarly was a quiet, sad little girl who had not learned how to laugh.  

Fast-forward to today, and Widnarly is a different child. With proper nutrition and medical attention, Widnarly was able to turn a corner and may never look back. This cheerful little girl has energy to burn and is thriving every day. She has captured our hearts and, given the chance, she would capture yours, too.

John Kerry

john kerri 1John Kerry came to us in 2009 when he was just 9 months old. He was referred to us by a nurse at the local clinic because he was in desperate need of attention. Severely malnourished, John Kerry was living with relatives who, although doing the best they could, were not able to provide him with enough of the necessities of life.

When we first met this child, we were heartbroken and concerned at his inability to cry due to the fact that his cries had been too often unanswered. As a result, his needs were expressed by a mere squeaking sound that exerted less energy. We even had to teach him how to eat.
Today, John Kerry is one of our brightest lights. Through good nutrition and hygiene, he has thrived and grown like any healthy child. Having attended school since the age of 3, John Kerry is a bright young boy who has no problem expressing himself. His confidence knows no bounds and he is quick to let the other children know if he thinks they are doing something wrong.

It is a common sight for John Kerry to be telling children ten years his senior that they have to remember to wash their hands before a meal! Personal hygiene is one of the most important habits the children have to learn.